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Bright Future Dollars for Scholars Fund

Bright Future Dollars for Scholars is grateful for your donations! As you know, even small grants make a huge difference to our students. Our previous president, Doug Gochanour, called it "a little assistance." It is a fact that the price of a book or uniform can cause some students to drop out of a program that would give them workplace-ready skills. We want them all to finish strong! Your generosity makes it possible! 

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When you click on the Donate button below, you will be taken to a form that enables you to donate via credit card through Paypal. Scholarship America will receive your donation and forward it directly to us, minus the service fee (negotiated to half the standard fee by Scholarship America) that Paypal charges.

When you see the form, you will see the destination for your donation is already entered (Bright Future Dollars for Scholars) because you are entering from our website. (If you enter from the central Scholarship America website, you would need to choose Bright Future Dollars for Scholars.)