Our Mission

Bright Future Dollars for Scholars offers qualified high school seniors and adult college students access to just-in-time financial support through scholarships toward tutoring and academic support services at The Polytech in the following career pathways: Health Care, IT & Business, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Education.

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Bright Future Dollars for Scholars expands its reach!

Bright Future Dollars for Scholars High School and College Scholarship Program

"We believe that, as in healthcare, prevention is one of the best practices in education for stopping students from academically falling behind."

                        --Reza Khastou                                                     

After a two-year period of research and evaluation, the Bright Future Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors has voted to extend its scholarship offerings not just to qualified high school seniors, but also to past Bright Future students and adult college students who are interested in the following career pathways:  Health Care, IT & Business, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Education.

Bright Future Dollars for Scholars is supporting qualified students at The Polytech

After twenty years of success helping high school students in Seattle and surrounding school districts to access community-college-based, industry-certificate programs, the Bright Future program closed, because of the closure of Seattle Vocational Institute.

In March of 2018, Reza Khastou, founder and director of the Bright Future program, applied for and received approval from Washington's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to open and operate The Polytech, a private high school for students in grades 11 and 12.   

The Polytech is an evolution of the Bright Future Program. The school offers a combination of small-group and one-on-one instruction, college courses taken in partnership with local community colleges, internship experiences, and comprehensive case management services.  Polytech graduates can earn a high school diploma, college credits, an industry certificate, and gain work experience simultaneously, allowing for a seamless transition to adulthood with a successful career, and which could include additional college education.

In addition to standard college prep courses at the campus, The Polytech offers access to advanced studies in career pathways such as health care, education, engineering, and business and technology programs at the campuses of our college partners. 

Conveniently located in the Northgate area, The Polytech also offers a wide variety of support services, including tutoring, individual courses for credit, and career assessment and advising. Students who need a quiet structured place to catch up on projects and other assignments are invited to attend Drop-In Tutoring on Saturday mornings.

Visit our campus located at 540 NE Northgate Way, Suite D (behind Starbucks) and learn more about the innovative programming and creative options to complete a high school diploma, and meet our inspiring staff.

Description of Services Currently Available from Polytech

After school and Saturday tutoring at The Polytech

The Polytech offers tutoring in subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies by experienced teachers.

College & Career Readiness

The Polytech offers a College and Career Readiness course. 

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

A high school student:

  • 1. Must be a senior qualified for free and reduced lunch. Counselors verify that by signing a form letter.
  • 2. Attend one of the following school districts: Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, or NorthShore.
  • 3. Must pursue credentials in one of the pathways The Polytech offers.

An adult student can qualify one of two ways:

  • 1. Either the student must be a previous Bright Future participant, or
  • 2. The student must be a qualified* adult who is pursuing a credential in one of The Polytech career pathways.

[* A "qualified" adult is defined, consistent with the guidelines of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, as:

  • an individual 18 to 24 years of age, (or older if the individual was a past participant in Bright Future),
  • a citizen or noncitizen authorized to work in the US, who is basic-skills deficient, such as: English reading, writing, or computing skills at or below 8th grade level, or unable to compute or solve problems, or read, write, or speak English, at a level necessary to function on a job, and:
  • who is a recipient of public assistance, such as SNAP, TANF, SSI or any other state or local income-based public assistance, or,
  • who is a homeless individual, or,
  • is an individual with a disability whose own income meets his/her income requirements, but who is a member of a family whose income does not meet these requirements.]

For more information about career pathways and about The Polytech, contact Reza Khastou at <Reza.Khastou@thepolytech.com>.

If you would like to advocate for high school student access to vocational education, please contact us at <brightfuture.dfs@gmail.com>.