Welcome to Bright Future!

Welcome to Bright Future!

Bright Future is a vocationally-oriented and case-managed program.

Bright Future is a program that supports Seattle area high school students at the junior or senior level who qualify for Running Start and choose to enroll in the Bright Future program at Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI). (Running Start is a Washington State program that allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college coursework.) 

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Meet Dianika H., a graduate of the Bright Future program!  Dianika H.

I met Dianika H. (pictured here), a 2007 graduate of Bright Future and South Lake High School, at a coffee shop not far from Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI), where Dianika gained her skill (and certificate) in Medical Assisting. She had just come from her half-day job, at a nearby methadone clinic. She is also fulltime at Harborview Medical Center.

How did she happen to enroll the Bright Future program?  She tells me that she was in and out of the foster care system because her mother was an HIV patient and a drug addict. Her mother died in 2009. When Dianika was a junior, her counselor at South Lake told her that although she had enough credits to graduate, she might consider Bright Future, while she was still a student. Obviously, with her credit total, Dianika was a capable student. Dianika says, "My counselor knew that with my mother's death, I intended to take responsibility for my sister and brother (Writer's note: They were younger than Dianika.). . . I would need to make money!"

Dianika really liked the idea that she would be nearly guaranteed a job at a decent wage once she finished a Bright Future program.  She considered Dental Assisting but chose Medical Assisting in spite of the fact that her mother had been a Medical Assistant. She resolved that her mother's story did not have to be hers.

Dianika was seventeen when she finished the program, including the externship at Harborview.  Her skills and work ethic were so impressive that her supervising nurse took her down to Family Medicine, a clinic that had an opening for a substitute.  That clinic called her the next day. As is common in medical jobs, she spent some time in the float pool at Harborview but now has a fulltime position in Family Medicine.

What does Dianika appreciate about the way the Bright Future program operates? She says, "I really liked the support from Nancy and Reza. And I knew I could get food every day--they always had cups of noodles available! They cared about their students. At Bright Future, students can 'do it'-there is always a back-up support system." She adds, "After I graduated, I could still go back and get help--Reza and Nancy's door was always open to talk!"

After graduation, she considered getting a nursing credential, so Dianika took some courses at a community college. She found that the counselors there had hundreds of students, definitely not the ratio she had experienced at Bright Future.

We talked about the Bright Future Dollars for Scholars Expansion Project. "There is a great need for it," says Dianika, "I know people who have a four-year college degree who can't get a job in their field! A vocational program like Bright Future at SVI gives a new lease on life--the opportunity to do something good. Today funding education is a question--why not make money while you decide what to do?"

Dianika's two younger siblings are doing well and so is Dianika. In addition to her current career as a Medical Assistant, she will tell you that she is an author and poet. She has written and published (in July 2014) her story: When the Loud Turns Silent , by N.D. Harris! I hope we hear more from Dianika!


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